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The loveable gang of Geordies may have swapped the chilly North East for Mexico’s party capital but they have brought some of their baggage along with them on the 5,000-mile trip.

Geordie Shore Season 3 Episode 2. After the nine girls and boys had landed in Mexico it wasn’t long before pulling machine, Gary Beadle, was ready to get some action. The womaniser, known for conquering most of Newcastle, said: “Yes, I’m a player. Yes, I cracked the UK. Now it’s time to go international.” True to form it was a mere five minutes before Gary had charmed some American students over for a dance.

However, the allure of Gary’s ‘parnsip’ was fruitless when it came to long-term love interest, Charlotte-Letitia Crosby. Before jetting off to Mexico, Charlotte still had Gary on the mind, saying: “I’m not going near Gaz because he reminds me of a bean sprout, then again, I do like bean sprouts.”

Yet when Gary pounced the bubbly 21-year-old, allegedly Cheryl Cole’s favourite Geordie managed to resist the power of his root vegetable and rejected Gary’s advances for the first time in their sex-filled history on the show. Charlotte told Gary: “We’re just friends” and later added: “Gary thinks he can get into me whenever he wants, but he is sadly mistaken.” Watch
Geordie Shore Season 3 Episode 2

One nil to Charlotte as it seems the power of Gary’s sizeable manhood is less effective in Cancun. In an attempt to lick his wounds and maintain his pride, Gary retaliated by saying: “I’m actually pleased Charlotte said no.”

This was not the only change as loved-up Ricci and Vicky are starting to aggravate some of the party-loving group with their over-the-top PDA and soppy behaviour. Loud-mouthed party girl, Sophie Kasaei was less than impressed when they decided to leave early and claimed: “Vicky has changed.”

The group are partying hard and desperate to enjoy their “six weeks of sexico” so it won’t be long before the fiery cast members clash. After being in the house for little over 48 hours, the girls were already in trouble with their new tough landlord, Cancun Chris. Charlotte and Rebecca were asked to pack their bags after going out partying instead of staying in and looking after the house.

With 30 days left and the Geordie’s raring to go, it’s clear it will be one hell of a holiday as they do Spring Break, Geordie Shore style.

Geordie Shore Season 3 Episode 2